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DEDICATION – Between Our Ears is dedicated to horse enthusiasts striving to do their best with the horse they love. The blog shares insights, experiences, and mental fitness techniques that inspire ordinary riders to become extra-ordinary. Add some positive food for thought to your equestrian journey!

OVERVIEW – Between Our Ears was created by Liz Piacentini – a horse lover, rider, life-long learner and certified presenter of Coach Daniel Stewart’s Pressure Proof equestrian sport psychology seminars. Through her blog and un-mounted educational programs, Liz helps riders enjoy the journey of learning with horses.

MISSION – To provide motivation & education for riders who want to balance the technical skills they learn from their trainers with positive mental fitness.

Sharing the journey towards a positive mindset, increased confidence, and more fun with horses.


Whether riding in a lesson, auditing a clinic, or enjoying an informative article, there are so many ways we can expand our knowledge.

A few years ago, my “love to learn” mentality led me to a clinic given by Coach Daniel Stewart. I watched this former US Equestrian Team Sport Psychology Coach help skilled riders make better decisions under pressure as they jumped a creative set of gymnastics in front of a large audience. The session was not a technical lesson on how to jump. Instead, it was a great exercise in developing the mental skills necessary to increase confidence, manage anxiety, sharpen focus and ride better. I was hooked on the value of a positive mindset for riders – and in life!

As a young rider, I was eager to jump, ride cross country, and canter along the trail.  As an adult rider, I spent several years struggling to overcome the mental challenges and fear that took up residency in my mind after rehabbing from injuries.  It took time to repair my drained confidence, and I often struggled with feeling “stuck” in my progress.

Liz with her Canadian horse, Lyrical. Photo: Copyright Lynne Ann Photography

Liz with her Canadian Horse, Lyrical.  (Photo: Copyright Lynne Ann Photography)

The good news is set backs can turn into come backs!  Today, I continue to work on developing my technical skills with professional trainers.  But now, I add mental training techniques to help me ride at my best.  I enjoy gradual improvements and experience less worries.  Positive sport psychology has become a key component of my equestrian tool box.

I look forward to sharing experiences, thoughts and mental fitness techniques with fellow riders.  Hopefully, I can help other horse lovers enjoy their journey just a little bit more.

-Liz Piacentini

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